Monitoring & Patrols

Monitoring and patrol response services are used by businesses to deal with out of hours security issues and patrol of your commercial premises. 

Our service is fast and reliable and our team can attend your property when you can’t, ensuring peace of mind that you will have 24 hour protection, 7 days a week.

In the instance your alarm is triggered or a security issue is raised, and you don’t have onsite security, a response officer is promptly dispatched to the premises. Our Security team can provide internal and external checks of your premises, act on any security issues if required, ensuring peace of mind knowing your business and premises are protected.

If you require more regular checks of your premises an EVE Security Services patrol officer will conduct regular, random patrols of your premises to prevent predictable patrol times and ensure the utmost security of your premises. A security patrol is a cost effective way to protect your business without the cost of a full time security guard.  

Providing Exceptional Services for 25+ Years

Our Monitoring & Patrol Services Include:

  • Lock Up and inspection of doors, windows, gates, and other access points
  • After Hours Monitoring and Random Checks of the Exterior and Interior 
  • Security Response in the event an alarm is triggered or security issue arises 
  • Staff and employee monitoring as well as late night escort and protection
  • Vehicle inspections of company vehicles and unknown vehicles on site 
  • Protect and manage your premise in case of break in or other criminal activity working with police and other authorities
  • Device monitoring and inspection to ensure they are activated and functioning

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